Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Althammer Manifesto

I have decided to reboot this blog as I was unhappy with where it was going; too much speculative waffle and half-baked ideas, but not enough solid material. I'm going to begin again with a simple manifesto...

The aim of the blog is to bring into being a project I've been working on for a while now. That is, to reconstruct a semi-mythical, long-lost "golden age" of my childhood (circa 1993) now that I finally have the skills, knowledge and resources to do so. The project will involve the collecting and painting of 28mm armies for the purpose of playing heroic, tabletop fantasy battles. These battles will be chronicled and reported here.

The project will adhere to the following self-imposed rules:

  1. Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition shall be the chosen ruleset with which all games are to be played. Though I may borrow rules from 5th Edition if I deem it necessary.
  2. All games of Warhammer Fantasy Battle are to take place within the canonical Warhammer Fantasy world and timeline, as it was in the 4th Edition of the game (1992-1996).
  3. All armies will adhere strictly to the 4th or 5th Edition Army books, at a maximum cap of 1000 points per army.
  4. All miniatures used for armies will be made entirely of plastic and will be taken from the following games: Dungeon Quest; Hero Quest; Battle Masters; Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition; Talisman 3rd Edition; Warhammer Quest; Dark World; The Legend of Zagor.

The title of the blog, Althammer: Age of Morcar, is a play on words. "Alt" is the German word for Old, which means this blog is allied with the general spirit of the "Oldhammer" movement. But "alt" in English is frequently used as an abbreviation of "alternative", and is a reference to the fact that this isn't your typical "Oldhammer" blog; not a single lead miniature and not a mention of 3rd Edition in sight.

The "Age of Morcar" part was originally a reference to the current edition of the Warhammer game, Age of Sigmar, but with a Hero Quest twist. At first I had intended to actually play Age of Sigmar as my ruleset of choice for this project, though I have since had a change of heart about this. I also wanted to actually set all my games exclusively within the Hero Quest micro-universe, but this too I have decided against. As such, the Age of Morcar, now devoid of its original meaning, is merely a phrase I'm employing as a general reference to the "Warhammerverse" of the very early 90s -- particularly the board game Hero Quest, its expansions, its successors and its imitators.

Finally, I'll just warn you that I am a very slow painter, so updates could be few and far between...

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  1. Sounds cool, all that old plastic, my inner teen nerd has gone into spasms!!!